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Sayers Home Noosa
APT 4 Noosa Crest

Why us?

For us, you are truly special. Specially as all our staff will know who you are, what are your goals with this job, exactly what you expect, and what problems you are trying to solve with your current room. 

With us you will never be just another client, and you will never need another Cabinet Maker.

We are a small team, with working experience from 10 to 30 years, and in love with our trade.

We care about the money you are investing in us, about the trust you are putting in us, and about the dream you are almost achieving. And we do your job the same way we would do for ourselves.

​Budget awareness

We are happy to work within your budget, if we are the right fit for you. That means we will never use inferior materials or hardwares to drop the price. 

Time experts

After you hire us, we know you will be counting the days for your job to be completed, so we will always deliver on time.

If a project cannot be completed in the time frame we will not compromise our company and our team to do it.

Custom made, to the Milimeter

We will adapt to your needs, not the other (wrong) way around. If we think something you want will not work properly we'll say it, but other than that we work for you, and will do everything the way you need and want.

Our Services



With Clients

We work directly with clients when necessary. Some people do not want to involve builders or designers in their renovation, and that's ok, we can assist you anyway.

But please, be aware that we will need to charge hourly for measuring and designing the room the way you want. That upfront investment will be discounted from the job price when you hire us.


With Designers

We work with designers from the first drafts. This way we are able to sit and discuss possible problems or concerns for the project, and correct them before presenting to the client. We also can work within the budget, offering innovating solutions in technology, materials and hardware to provide the best cabinetry for your project.


With Builders

Working with builders is usually a mixture of final clients and designers. We can assist you with production plans for the job that will be used not only by us, but for all the other trades involved. Depending on the size of the job, we advise for a designer to be involved, either chosen by the client or contracted by us, to assist with the scope.

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