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About us

Sunshine Cabinetry is immensely proud to be a people's focused company. We believe that building or renovating can be easy and without stress for everyone, by taking only the necessary time to achieve a high end product, no matter what the size of the project.

We are happy to work with the final client, measuring and designing the room to suit the needs of the day to day life, making every cupboard for total usability and maximum space usage.

We also work with a range of designers and builders,  organising our production and installation with precision and within their schedule. 

Gus is our director and manager, with over 17 years in the industry, having started his career in Sao Paulo, Brazil, working from small apartments to unique architecture mansions.

Our Production is entirely designed to maximize efficiency using lean manufacturing combined with flow production to save time and materials along all the process. It is also made entirely thinking of our workers health and safety, with a four days work week, and with a calm and friendly environment.

Our Goal is to be part of projects that inspires the whole company, and change lives along the way. We will always be looking for more sustainable ways of production.

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