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Terms and Conditions

This page is designed for our existing and new clients, to bring more clarity and information and minimise problems between us, other trades, builders and designers.

Please read carefully to our terms and conditions, they are applied for ALL our jobs and quotes.


All our quotes expire in 30 days after being sent. It does not mean the price will increase or decrease, but after 30 days we need to check all materials quoted and make sure that they are available and at the same price. 

The estimated delivery dates on the quotes can also change, sometimes in a matter of hours. We send out at least two quotes daily, and we cannot promise any delivery dates until the deposit is paid.

All our jobs are covered by QBCC, and will be invoiced separately, if needed.

Please make sure that all the plans and specifications are exactly as you desire before we make the first payment to us, changes along the way can result in additional costs and delays.

Invoices and

  • Invoices are sent upon the client approval on plans, price and delivery dates.

  • We try to keep a standard payment method in all jobs over AU$ 5,000.00, being:

  • 5% Deposit for job booking. We will book your check measurements and the estimate delivery for your job.​

  • 35% Deposit for materials ordering.

  • 20% Deposit before production starts.

  • 20% Progress payment. This payment is asked on the day we begin installation. All installations will be notified at least 5 business days before the start.

  • 20% Progress payment. For jobs that require more than 3 weeks, we ask for another progress payment, usually by the end of the second week. If the job is finished before that time we will require payment of the full remaining balance.

  • 10% Installation Progress payment. Payable during installation.

  • 10% After completion. This payment will be made after the job is FULLY COMPLETED, and you are FULLY SATISFIED with the work performed by us.


  • All payments marked as before installation should be done before the installation date, or this date will be rebooked and a 5% fee will be charged from the client.

  • All late payments will incur 10% monthly fee on the payment value.

  • If final payment is not made in 7 days after installation is complete, all cabinetry will be removed from site and stored in a third party storage at the clients costs, and reinstall will be booked only after full payment is made, with an additional 20% from the total invoice.


  • We do not have control over our suppliers, and if by any chance the materials provided to us are not up to standard, we cannot begin production. This is not common to happen, but we prefer agreeing to a delay of installation, then installing bad quality products

  • You are more than welcome to come and visit our factory during the production of your job, although we do not recommend this practice for safety reasons. The factory is always noisy and dusty, and a lot of different safety measures are required to allow visitors. All factory visits need to be booked in advance.

  • All products are tested and only leave the factory to install after a quality check for EVERY piece.


  • No cupboards will be installed without the house or  shop comprehensive hydraulic plans provided by the builder or plumber, or wet signature of client approving the work and taking responsibility for any pipe perforation during install.

  • Installation will be booked on site check measurements, but it can be delayed for several factors, listed below:

    • Extreme weather conditions - if the weather is too unstable we may delay delivery and installation. We take safety and health above everything else, and no deadline is more important than our and the clients' safety.​

    • It is the client and/or builder responsibility to ensure that the install place is ready to receive the cupboards the day before the agreed installation date. That means that all electrical and plumbing need to be in place, and the place is without ANY clutter. Failing to provide this will result in delay in installation from 5 to 30 days, and an additional storage fee of AU$ 100.00 a day, payable before the new install

    • All job sites need to have at least one functioning Toilet for our team, within 500 metres from the installation site.

    • We can and will suspend installation immediately if the job site is unsafe.

    • Any change to the original plans during installation will result in additional cost, priced at a minimum AU$ 300.00

    • All our workers are explicitly forbidden to do plumbing or electrical work. That includes connecting or disconnecting existing fittings.


  • All our jobs are insured by QBCC, but we are proud to say we have never had any problems that needed to be taken to them. If you are unhappy with anything, please let us know and we will address it immediately.

  • Our usual hardware has a cupboard lifetime warranty (Blum or Hafele). 

  • Boards have a 7 year warranty (Polytec and Flexipanel).

  • Adjustments of doors and fronts are not included in our price after 2 weeks of the finished installation. Just like a car, long term maintenance costs are covered by the client. Please make sure that everything is working properly before use. 

  • We do not provide warranty for products produced by other companies, like stone/porcelain benchtops, even if we intermediate the purchase through our company. It is their responsibility to ensure and warranty their products.

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